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Here's how we can help.

Keravan kielikoulu Oy was founded in 1989. We are one of the longest running language
schools in Finland and in the Helsinki area. For over two decades we have been focusing on
interesting and efficient ways to teach different languages to our clients.
Our teaching methods are designed in a specific way for each client. By doing this, we make
sure that every lesson is a valuable one and that our clients gain more in-depth knowledge of
the language they chose to study.

The teachers are highly educated native-speakers and their goal is to make sure that the client
will learn how to speak in a more professional and sophisticated manner, but also learn about
culture and various ways of communicating.

We specialize in group tuitions and private tuitions. For foreigners we offer our most useful
course for living or visiting in Finland, “Finnish for foreigners”.
As for other languages, we focus mainly on the general European languages such as German,
French, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. But as mentioned beforehand, we
can setup a course for your specific needs in any language.

Each course contains about 40-60 hours of studying. You can study intensively in a short
period of time or by attending the course two times a week for a longer period.
Teaching will take place at the facilities of Keravan kielikoulu Oy or at your workplace if

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